International Literacy Day today

International Literacy Day is being observed today. This Day is celebrated across the world since 1967 at the call of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (U NESCO).

This year’s International Literacy Day is being marked under the theme ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies’. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has published a progress details of current student enrollment rate and literacy on occasion of International Literacy Day.

The literacy rate of the people of aged five years and above 76.2 per cent in Nepal while the literacy rate of the people from aged from 15-60 years stands at 85 percent.

Although the government of Nepal launched ‘Literate Nepal Campaign’ one decade ago, 13 districts of the country including eight of Madhes Province are yet to be declared fully literate districts.

The government in the budget of fiscal year 2075/76 BS had brought a programme to declare Nepal a fully literate country within two years. —RSSNews