Himalaya Airlines starts flight to Qingdao, China

The Himalaya Airlines has started flights to Qingdao from today. The Airlines started chartered flights to the touristic city in connection with expanding its destinations in China. Airlines vice-president Bijaya Shrestha said they have started direct flights to this Chinese city with the objective of promoting tourism between Nepal and China.

According to him, the Airlines aim to operate flights to at least 10 destinations in China and bring in one million tourists.

“I think Himalaya Airlines’ flights should be seen from the tourism perspective. In the course of our eight years’ journey our objective had been to bring in maximum tourists from China by deepening relations with China. Whatever flights have been operated so far, our efforts have been to promoting tourism through expansion of new destinations,” he said.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati, Ambassador of China to Nepal Chen Song and Himalaya Airlines chairman Zhou Enyong welcomed the passengers on the inaugural flight to Qingdao. Addressing the press conference organized on the occasion, Minister Kirati said the Himalaya Airlines has made an important contribution to promoting the country’s tourism by operating direct flight to the cultural and touristic city of China.

“I am extremely delighted at the Himalaya Airlines starting the Kathmandu-Qingdao-Kathmandu flight. This service is an example of the commitment to strengthening the Nepal-China ties. Since Qingdao is a popular cultural and commercial city, the operation of flight to this city will support in promoting tourism,” he said.

Stating that there is immense possibility of tourism and trade between the two countries, he believed that direct flights to Qingdao will play a decisive role towards that end. “I have the confidence that Himalaya Airlines will bring in maximum number of Chinese tourists to Nepal through this route. On this occasion, I would like to invite the Qingdao denizens to visit Nepal.” The Tourism Minister said new dimension would be added to tourism sector in Nepal if maximum number of Chinese visitors could be attracted to Nepal given the somewhat similar culture between Nepal and China.

Urging the Airlines to operate flights to and from various destinations in China, he said the Ministry is committed to facilitate to that end. Chinese Ambassador Song said that operation of Kathmandu-Qingdao-Kathmandu flight is an evidence of the growing cooperation between Nepal and China. He said China has been playing an active role in the development of aviation infrastructure in Nepal.

“This new route will bring a new dynamism in Nepal’s aviation industry and contribute towards making Nepal a land-linked nation from a land-locked one,” Ambassador Song said, adding that this will contribute in an important way to the friendship and cooperation the two countries, representing a new chapter in our bilateral relations.

“This historic event marks a significant milestone in Himalaya Airlines’ commitment to enhancing connectivity and promoting bilateral ties between Nepal and China. The new Kathmandu-Qingdao-Kathmandu route will offer passengers seamless travel options between the capital city of Nepal and the coastal city of China, known for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and economic significance.

This launch also reaffirms Himalaya Airlines’ dedication to providing convenient, safe, and efficient travel experiences for its passengers. The airline is set to operate its weekly service for this route scheduled for every Sunday, September 10, 2023onwards,” reads a press release issued by the Himalaya Airlines on the occasion.–RssNews